Wednesday, January 30, 2008

am i ready...??

why should it end..???
i guess i haven't made any mistakes in
trying to make it up to our relationship
i guess i have done all the things to
make it grow,i have treated it like my life
not to be harmed by anybody....
but how can this feelings bring me down
it's not over yet but...
it penetrates deep inside my heart and ma mind
i feel like am i little baby in this crazy big world
lookin for someone to comfort me in the coldest night
of my daily life 'coz of loosing you
i know you're not mine but can chance give me a little more
time to show you and prove to you
that your the only one i live for in this world
'coz im expecting that you'll be there when i need you..??
but i can stand it,
i really need you this time
even if it's just a little time
can you share me just abit of it
i don't really know why am i this,im so so damn in love...
i've never expect that it would come to this
being so nervous,frightened and troma,troma
for what be the outcome and answers will be.....
can someone snap me just to wake up from this dream
that lead to my worst nightmare..huhuhuhuhuhu
am i in love or bein with you as my partner
shivers me nerves 'coz of am afraid to loose you...
it's not finished yet but am i ready....???

my so called love in my wierdest life.....

how can i be so,so paranoid when it comes to you.....
so much love i want from you,but how can it be it's like
im expecting too much but i can't even feel it...
maybe it's just that i just can't get it from now
but who knows...
maybe it's just somewhere around the corner of my doubted heart
maybe it's just that i can't....
i cant really sense it even if you show it...(dah!!)

but how can it be when it comes in being with you
im weak,weak to show my true feelings for you...
is it shyness that brings me to this feelings
or i'm just to abnormal to be with you
i can't speak up,i can't do what i want to do,
i'm like a bird in a cage trying to keep myself in a world full of harm
or is it loosing you that am afraid of...

why am i this..??
a lot of my fwends keep tellin' me i've change a lot
is it you who change the way i am
or is it renewing myself again to be
love and be loved by you
but sometimes i just can't really be who am i
'coz i always think of you,i adore you
you are my life now
and i will and always will accept the truth.
evn if were not meant to be
even if others disagree to our relationship
even if others try to break it up...
all i can say is
even if they don't like me to be with you
at least i've tried to work it out when it comes to our relationship
and at least i've experience the thing called love and be loved by you....(o.a ahhhh..!!!)

Monday, November 26, 2007


such a feeling am having right now
i don't know what's happening to me
sometimes im this,sometimes am that
but how can i ever understand this....
where did this weird feelin' came from..
when it how did it start....????
why did it hit me to the bottom of my
happy but questioned heart
could this feelin bring me to what i have dreamed of..
or could this damn feelin break me from...
what am expecting to my future goal will be...???
but how..???
i can't even know how this feelin could do that
and how this feelin would destroy it...
well for now...
being ignorant is what i am...
not minding it and just leave it to the one
who know what's best for me and who knows
what will be my future to this...hehehehehehe

but for you guys can you sometimes understand what
you really are doin...???
and can you explain your feelings sometimes..??
can you predict how,when, where will it be coming from...?
well the truth....nobody knows right...????
be not afraid guys it natural to have it
it's very very natural to gain it
with your personal and emotional life...
just be yourself even if you are sometimes
super pretencious like me....hehehehehehehehehe

Thursday, September 13, 2007


the people i think we could'nt live without right..??
when we are little we have friends that we play with,make bahay-bahayan....mommy-mommy
and but we're big one's right now and expecting a lot fron our long time friends...when times of drakness in our life's there right beside us tapping us at our shoulder(kaya moh yan)...never leave us till that little probs is history...and i believe you all now that "friendship is our light to darkness" am i right.?and even if life's like a london bridge thats keeps on falling down our friends are there to comfort us and make's life a little bit sweeter than any other individual can if you have friend/friends don't ever ever loose then coz it's "a lost today is a lost forever" and there always a scenario that even in a nick of a time friends are always there when we need them just like fro example making something
that will drive us to laughters...we and our friends help us to make it easier and it's like we're building a house to a building....building it hand in hand to make it stronger...hehehehehehe
so if you have friends guyzzz don't just take them as what they are and whom they are with keep them as one of your precious incident that ever happend to your joyous life...

friendzzz forever................mwahugzzzz!!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

hatred..???hisa..???or insecurities..??

ang world sbng nd moh na gd ma gets ah why is it nga may mga pipz they always meddle with other lives eventhough the one they meddle with la man ga pki sila and simply lng gd kunu ya(pagkabati koh lng na ah..) well for me guyz anu kuha.on ta sa pg pangguba,panglibak,chismiss kg pg lasak-lasak sa life sng isa ka tau man..???i don't know if what's your problem with one another....guyzzz enough is enough bala sa akon lng is we don't have to be like this and come up to this kinf od situation ah..dba..??la gd ni ah...let's just forget all nga ngligadan tah...or kung anu man ang natabo sa aton since sng last time...what we see what we hear lets just ignore it...nd man kita ma sa gn himu ka iban bda..????

don't give up... everyday life we face we couldn't just stop thinking how can we deal with this life we always struggle and fight for our key to success.we sometimes fell like getting tired of reaching it
i also experience it and even now it still continues to bother me and dragging me down to my can i ever get rid of that word "give up"....and guyzzzzz no matter what happens there will always be a light for every darkness in our lives...the spreading light of hope that pushes us to be corageous in facing every "DOWNS" in life we face...But i thank the one who's giving me a lot of strenght,will,and that feeling of going on and on everyday to fight for it and ignore it just for a nick of time...i think you know him "god" he's the one who's givin us all what we need just to fight
all our weaknesses to finish all the jobs what they have for us.....
just one thing that i want to spread to all of my friends and colleagues
dom't ever-ever give i know he will be there to guide us in everyday living...
god bless us all..!!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

tagay tah..!!

hi guyzzz..
for nowadays we are like robots na gd ya..patay-patay na work then dapat may time pa ta sa family kg aton nga mga lavi davi right.....always lang nga ubos time ta sa ila than la na gd para sa aton self pero kis.a eh may ara lagaw sa mall shopping-shopping upod sa mga fwendzzzz kg mga more than just fwendzzzz hehehehehehe...time ta para sa aton self daw alang-alang na gd ya kis.a kulang pa...dba..?
well here's one thing nga naga pa "go' sa life koh and gapa bulig fullfill sa akon nga kinanlan nga sleep..!!!hehehehehe
"tagay" ara man da si s.m(san mig) kis.a lawas koh lng akon upod d bala relaxing man kis.a nga mg inom2 bg.o mg tulog..???
and kong kis.a guys ga.i nyo man time nga enrandi ang inyo self...hehehehehe gn buhat gani mga sikat nga bars para lingawan naton dba..???so what are you waiting for "plunge in" guyz para maka rami tayo...hehehehe but guyz that's just for our free time ha..!!not always nga ubrahon tana...indi ta man pg pasubrahan aton laeas ah....ok..???
well sa sine nga kaso tani maga updanay kita pirmi sa smallville..sadyahon ta ni hehehehehe...!!!